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Studio 360

Artists and Scientists Riff on Water
Earth Beat Radio (PRI)

Foreign Bodies
New York Times

‘Hidden’ Water: Where Does It All Go?
New Art/Science Affinities (2011)

by Andrea Grover, Régine Debatty, Claire Evans and Pablo Garcia.

AUDiNT: Sonic Warfare
We Make Money Not Art

Interview With Jon Cohrs
Art:21 Gastro-Vision: Food and Technology in an Art Lab
PFSK Alviso All-Salt Critiques Pharmaceutical Dependency
Grist Water treatment plant yields gourmet drug-infused seasoning!
Sustainability Review Drugs in Water: A San Francisco Bay Case Study
Bay Citizen Artists Tackle Chemical Trails Inside Body
Examiner Jon Cohrs -- running a pirate radio station, Urban Wilderness Action Center, making designer salt
BoingBoing How to Set Up An Analog TV Station
Hack-A-Day OMG Pirate TV
Furtherfield Magazine FutureSonic:Environment 2.0 2009
Deutsche Welle Radio Web technology and its environmental footprint Report from Futuresonic 2009
Neural Magazine Oil Prospecting, DIY rush for oil
BoingBoing Eureka 2.0: collaborative urban prospecting
Gizmodo New Hipster Affectation: Urban Oil Prospecting
Williamette Week Noted Engineer Jon Cohrs Leaving Portland